Saturday, 10 December 2011

Revlon Eye liner Pencil


Revlon Eye liner Pencil

What Revlon Says:
• For a smooth and powdery finish
• Easy to blend and contour
• Soft powder- smooth matte
• Gives precise definition to eyes

Revlon cosmetics makeup
My Experience: One of my Favorite eye pencil i used ever, I have used revlon eye pencil so far.This eyeliner in black was quite suits to me and have a dramatic eye look .Texture is soft creamy and smooth and goes on the eyelids without any tugging. On the waterline, it does not sting at all.Does not stay on without smudging for more than 6 hours but does not give raccoon eyes either,The pencil is so long and it’ll last for a long.



Megha Sarin said...

I somehow don’t like eye pencils. They smudge after some time. I go for gel eye liners and i like only MAC charcoal pencil. It does not smudge at all.


MystiquaK said...

Love their eye pencils! They are great and I also love the cream liners too. Following your blog now!

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