Saturday, 10 December 2011

Himalaya Herbal- Neem & Turmeric Face Wash


Himalaya Herbal Neem and Turmeric Face Wash

What Himalaya Herbal Says:

Purifying Neem Face Wash Action: Purifying Neem Face Wash is a soap-free herbal formulation that gently removes impurities and prevents pimples. Enriched with Neem and Turmeric. Neem, well known for its antibacterial properties, helps in controlling acne and pimples, and their recurrence. Further, when combined with Turmeric, it effectively eliminates acne-causing bacteria. Indications: Clears skin, prevents pimples. Ingredients Include: achta indica (Neem, Nimba) * Curcuma longa (Turmeric, Haridra) Use Directions: Moisten face, apply a small quantity of Purifying Neem Face Wash and gently work up lather with a circular motion. Wash off and pat dry. 

My Experience:Neem and Turmeric Extract Face wash removes impureties from my skin and I'm left with clean skin that doesn't feel tight or stripped.This product makes my skin feel fresh and alive. It is moisturizing and my skin doesn’t feel dry after using it. It cleanse my pores All in all it exfoliates well and keep skin moisturized.My face is clearer than it has been in years, Definitely worth a shot.


6 comments: said...

postingannya tentang herbal sangat bagus, Thanks
Herbal Keputihan

Unknown said...

Where do you find Himalaya products? Where do you live? I live in NYC and I can't find them anywhere!

Unknown said...

hey TailoredE
am from saudi arabia and i bought it from here
it's available in all over middle east.

Ana Carneiro said...

Sounds pretty good!

Follow you! follow me back?

Jessie LH Voo said...

I love all himalaya products too!

Himalaya Cosmetics said...

Many thanks for the exciting blog posting! I really enjoyed reading it, you are a brilliant writer.

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