Friday, 28 September 2012

CLOSED: Win International Giveaway Of Eccobella Cosmetics


I am here again with a fabulous International Giveaway by Eccobella.
The Prize will be One  Flower Color Natural Liquid Foundation SPF 15
and one FlowerColor Lipstick
Giveaway: Win International Giveaway Of Eccobella Cosmetics

So what are you waiting for?
Hurry up submit your enteries now,for getting a chance to win.
Starting Date is: 28 september 2012 and it will be end on 18th october 2012.
Note: Please leave your email in the comment below So I can easily Contact the winner with email. 
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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Eccobella's FlowerColor Lipstick Primrose#5


Eccobella's FlowerColor Lipstick Primrose#5
Since 1992, Ecco Bella has been known as a pioneer in the natural beauty field. Back then, it was virtually impossible to find organic materials for their products, but they persisted. Why? Because by using organics it's not only purify our bodies, They also support ethical farmers who need and appreciate their business. Ecco Bella products are 50%-70% organic! They not only benefit both you and the planet, they are a delight to see, smell and use.
Eccobella's FlowerColor Lipstick Primrose#5
My Review: Hey!
Today I have a beautiful product for review.
It's a lipstick from Eccobella.
They have huge range of lipstick colors. And I selected Primrose#5.

Eccobella's FlowerColor Lipstick Primrose#5
A lipstick that thinks it's a lip balm. The cleanest, safest, prettiest lipstick for those who love lipstick. A simple healthy formula of vegetable waxes, oils, and mineral pigments that go on creamy and don't feather. Like a lip balm, Ecco Bella FlowerColor lipsticks moisturize without flaking or chapping. Gluten-free, FD&C dye-free, petroleum-free, preservative-free, fragrance-free. All are vegan except Pink Rose, Mauve Rose, Claret Rose, Tuscany Rose and Napa Grape which are colored with carmine.
Eccobella's FlowerColor Lipstick Primrose#5
Ingredients: Castor oil, isopropyl palmitate (from palm oil), candelilla wax, 100iu Vitamin E, organic calendula oil, organic chamomile oil, organic jojoba oil, flower wax coated iron oxides. Pink colors contain carmine.
Eccobella's FlowerColor Lipstick Primrose#5
Eccobella Lipstick For Rich, smooth color, Soft-Shine and irresistible lips.Your lips stay firmed conditioned for lasting smoothness while the color stays rich and true.
Eccobella's FlowerColor Lipstick Primrose#5
I love this lipstick.I find that it goes with everything in my casual wardrobe.The color payout is rich, the texture creamy and moist, and best of all no scent. No taste. Except for the light feeling on my lips, I don't even know it's there.This is definitely a cheaper alternative to those of you who love wear  such colors.
Eccobella's FlowerColor Lipstick Primrose#5 review
Eccobella's FlowerColor Lipstick Primrose#5 review

Eccobella's FlowerColor Lipstick Primrose#5 review
I would love to recommend those who love red and orange mixed shades.
For more information check their site Eccobella Natural Lipsticks
Will be back soon with another review and Giveaways
Till then see ya
Stay Blessed

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Annoucement: Winner Of Abbamart's Makeup Goody Giveaway


As you know the Giveaway is Over. And now it's time to announce the Lucky Winner Name.
Congrats to Michelle E. (
Keep checking your email the Company will contact you shortly for the shipping address.
Those who aren't win ,
Don't be sad.
More Giveaways are on the way.

So stay tuned for the upcomings.
Maybe Next time you will be chosen as 
One of our Lucky Winner
Stay Blessed

Sunday, 23 September 2012

STEAMCREAM - Natural Moisturiser Coquette


About Steam Cream Company
They’re an Anglo-Japanese team that knew each other as friends and colleagues in years gone by.  They had a simple idea - to create one high quality moisturiser that could be used by everyone, anytime, anyplace, anywhere. 
What does that all mean?! It means - one quality cream that can be used on all skin types, from your head to your toes, at any time of day or night, in any climate. Simple.
They wanted it to really work, (super nourishing, hydrating, full of nutrients, effective etc), ethical and affordable. They also wanted to hand make it fresh because They believe that what you put on your skin is as important as what you eat. Just like food, fresh is best. Simple.
In a nutshell, They wanted to save time, money, planet and most importantly skin.
STEAMCREAM is all about simplicity. One cream, many designs.
My Review: Hey!
I am here today with a different product review.
Today I will Share my views on Steam Cream.
Well first of all, The packaging was quite pretty.
And the shipping was also kinda fast.
STEAM CREAM is vegan and is hand-made in small batches using natural ingredients, including Oatmeal, almond oil, lavender essential oil, orange flower water, cocoa butter and organic jojoba oil.
They have many tins in different names. I got Coquette.
Coquette is the French for flirt, and this design shows the essential equipment for a little light flirtation at Matthilde’s first ball: a lace fan and matching long gloves, gifts from her enlightened mother.
It's too much moisturized the skin. After using the cream your skin will turn dry to soft.You'll feel like to kiss and touch your skin lol.
I used it on neck hands and feet. The cream works pretty good while apply on skin.Easily absorbed. 
This used to be my go-to moisturizer. It was enough for dry winters, and still great for the summer if I applied less.Well the smell is totally amazing.

I will suggest it for the dry winter. I still really like Steam Cream though, will probably get it as a body/hand cream because I really like the smell and how it's greasy like body butters but still moisturizing enough.
A little goes a long way so the pot should last you quite a long while. 
 On skin
 After applying on skin
The instruction paper was also inside it.
Well overall it's totally amazing cream for me. I will love to use it in my dry winter.
If you want to know more about it. You can check their site
STEAMCREAM - Natural Moisturiser
Hope you'll like the review
Wating to hear from you soon
Stay Blessed

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Eccobella's Flower Color Natural Liquid Foundation SPF 15


Choosing the right foundation/concealer is very important because foundation is an essential aspect of your makeup as makeup routine depends upon the way that how to apply foundation and the most important thing to choose the right brand of foundation according to your skin tone and type. I always like to wear a makeup in a way that it looks more natural and not overdone that's why I prefer liquid foundation to concealers/face powders. I have very dry skin and face powders make it to look more chalky and powdery, so sometime I use foundation stick, but it also feels heavy and cakey on my face as it's a summer here and it's almost impossible for me to wear something very heavy so I was thinking about to switch to liquid foundation because it works good for flaky skin and also contains a moisturizing ingredients to moisturize the skin.

My Review: 
Hey all, I am here again with a new product this time. Its a foundation from Ecco bella named Flower Color Natural Liquid Foundation SPF 15 (shade:bisque #50). I have selected the colour tone by myself and It is all good on me. This foundation is in my favourite list among all other foundations that suits me even with a dry or oily skin, they turn out good.

I have tried this foundation and It was an amazing experience as it didnt went dry or scattered around my face like small ponds on sahara desert lol. It made my skin go from dry to normal and I could easily apply stuff on it.I was pretty comfortable.Just after five minutes of apply, It became shiny and glowy and I could feel that my skin is no longer dry now. I got many compliments regarding my skin that day lol not to mention because of this foundation.
Eccobella flower color natural liquid foundation is a treatment, sunscreen and foundation all in one! Water-based,  lightweight and natural-looking, but with excellent coverage. It works hard to keep skin healthy with  both a UVA /UVB sunscreen, organic herbs, and antioxidants. Organic aloe vera quenches thirsty skin, saccharide isomerate, a natural sugar that binds water to the skin acting as a reservoir for continuous moisture. Organic herbs and vitamin E rejuvenate, protect and soothe skin. Gluten-free. Vegan. Paraben-free.
 It needs just small amount to apply on.
 Easily blend
Gives 100% shiny glow look.
For more information Check their site  
I would like to recommend you all to try this foundation out and tell me how was it.
Would love to read out the feedbacks.
Stay blessed !!

Monday, 10 September 2012

CLOSED:Win International Giveaway of Abbamart's Makeup goody



I am here with an amazing Giveaway.

Prize Will be 4 makeup brushes and 1 Makeup Cream Highlighter

I have shared the review on Abbamart's Makeup Brushes And Abbamart's Cream Highlighter

The Giveaway is Open to everyone


Hurry up! Don't Miss the chance .

Starting Date is 10th September 2012 and it will be end on 24th September 2012.

Special Note: please leave your email address in the comment so I can easily contact them after choosing winner.

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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Abbamart's Makeup Cream Highlighter


Abbamart is an online store where you can get quality brushes in reasonable prices. Abbamart is owned by its supplier, you get true factory-direct pricing, just like the high-end brand names that buy and resell brushes under their own label. There is variety of makeup brushes sets available with different price tag to suit all budget and If you don't or can't afford a set straight away buy some individual brushes of your choice. Recently, I got an opportunity to choose five different brushes from Abbamart for the review purpose.
My Review: Hey I am posting today about Abbamart makeup cream highlighter.

Highlighter is a product that can completely change your beauty look. If applied correctly, it gives you that glowing look where people can't place what's different, just that you look amazing. When you’re choosing a highlighter you have to think about your skin tone; if you have very sallow skin, pink toned highlighters are going to stick out, but if you have very pale skin pink tones are perfect.
 I got the pink one for review.
The company is new to me.Well I will must say it gives the same shade on skin too. and easy to apply because it's smooth.
On skin
 For more information Check out the site Abbamart
This is all from today's review.
Hope you'll like it.
Stay blessed.
till then see ya

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Maybelline XXL pro volume mascara by Brigettes boutique


Brigette's Boutique was founded in 2003 when Brigette began selling cosmetics on Ebay in an effort to to earn an income while maintaining flexible hours for her family.  As the demand for quality cosmetics at discounted prices increased, it became evident that they needed to relocate the business to a more user-friendly portal.  In 2007, They moved the business to their own webstore.  Over the years, They have added more employees and have truly grown into a full-service, cosmetics reseller with shipments to many destinations around the world.  Many new brands have been added to their product offering and They continue to search for the best quality items at the lowest possible prices.Brigette's Boutique have a huge branded cosmetics in their store On a reasonable price.
 My Review:

Hey all, how are you doing? I hope you are doing great as I am also,
Thank you for so far reading out my reviews and having a look at it, It means alot to me.
Well , as always I am again here with a new product of a well known brand, Well its none other than Maybelin's Mascara.
What to say about it, The brand has a name and has a speciality in it too. I liked this mascara and it was not that heavy on my lashes. I could open up my eyes and close them without feeling uncomfortable. It is so easy to apply, It has two slide openers, 

one has a white liquid which is used before mascara, It wets and volumize all of our lashes so that our lashes get equal mascara on them. 
The other one is Dark black which allows your lashes to extra large and also gave heavy lashes look.

It gives out a 100% look on your face. 
And as you all know, these days mascara's are the most famous and needed products. And this one is not to forget a good product in the mascara list, you will definately love it!!
For more information Click here to visit their Website   
I would recommend those who love maybellin's products try this one out and tell me about it.
Your replies are always and always appreciable.
Stay blessed

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Abbamart Makeup Brushes


Abbamart is an online store where you can get quality brushes in reasonable prices. Abbamart is owned by its supplier, you get true factory-direct pricing, just like the high-end brand names that buy and resell brushes under their own label. There is variety of makeup brushes sets available with different price tag to suit all budget and If you don't or can't afford a set straight away buy some individual brushes of your choice. Recently, I got an opportunity to choose five different brushes from Abbamart for the review purpose.
The Brushes I have chosen are:
* Flat foundation brush made with gentle synthetic Toray fiber

* The especially fine, light, flexible Toray hair makes this a prime brush for use with cream and liquid base makeup, BB cream and cream highlighters

* Long handle gives you great balance and a soft touch for spreading product smoothly over your skin

2.Sable Eyeshadow Brush:
* All-purpose eyeshadow brush made from luxurious sable hair

* Well-suited to both loose and cream-based shadows

* Softly blends and shades colors together

3.Eye Highlighting Brush:
* Extra large, soft eye brush made from natural goat hair

* Broad flat tuft is perfect for applying highlighter to the arch of the brow, or all-over blending

* Alternatively, use to apply base color to the entire lid

* Turn on its side to smudge color in the crease

* Long handle made from natural wood

* Large duo fiber stippling brush made from a combination of dense goat hair and silky Toray

* Gentle Toray fibers extend beyond the natural hair to capture and apply product at two levels for a satiny photo finish

* Enables you to have great control from light to heavy applications

* Suitable for both powder and creamy compact foundation

* Full-length thick wooden handle
Hey all!
I am here with Ab mart brushes. They are 4 brushes in total.
Luxuriously soft and fluffy so as not to grab excessive amounts of powder, yet dense enough to give control and precision. They are smooth and doesnt leave any bristel on face while applying.
The hair doesnt fall from the brushes when you are applying. That is the good thing. I have used many brushes and out of all, These brushes are also quite reliable and with affordable price. If you are running out of money and cant buy the brushes of high prices. Then try these one out. They will surely not make you regret. They are perfect for any time. You can feel the softness of the hair when you are applying it. It just makes you feel like sleep lol. 
Anyways, You can visit their website 
and select the brushes by yourself. They have a huge collection of brushes. Each brush has its speciality in it.
I would like to recommend you all to try these brushes and tell me about it.
Would always love to read out the replies.
Stay blessed.

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