Thursday, 17 May 2012

Blytheye Green Cosmetic Lens By Special Lens


Green Cosmetic Lens
Hey Everyone, How ya doing??
Well, I am all set to show you all another set of amazing lense. This time, I am sure you'll definately love it. It's from Special lens. There were variety of colours I was totally confused at the moment of choosing one.
Well before starting the review,
Let me show the Companies introduction.
Special Lens company are specialize in selling the most popular circle lens from South Korea and Japan. Variety of colors lens, hyper size, big circles lens are all available at Their store. Circle lenses come in all colors and designs from very natural looking to dramatic looking effects.
100% safe, approved & certified by KFDA (Korean Food & Drugs Administration), MHLW (Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare), ISO (International Standard Organisation) & CE (Conformité Européenne – Europe)
All of contact lens are 100% authentic made by Geo Medical Co., Ltd. (the original manufacturer) (the original manufacturer) & EOS
 . We import all of our Geo Angel, Geo Nudy and other Geo contact lens directly from Geo Medical Co., Ltd. or its authorized distributors.

At the moment, there are many online sellers selling fake Geo contact lens which are made from China which looks almost the same. These fake Geo contact lens are usually priced very cheap and some online sellers even dare claim that it is authentic. Besides that, some online sellers are not even they are selling fakes as their suppliers are the ones that switch the real with fakes. Kindly be aware of this as fake Geo contact lens can be very harmful for your eyes.

Well the one I chose is in the following pictures.
Green Contact Lens
Before wearing it , I was expecting they wern't suit to me and not as visible as they shown in the site.
But the result came out opposite. And my eyes were look like dramatic lol;p. I myself never like to be fake.
They are lil bit look fake for myself. But had a great experience with it. I would love to try another light and fake effect again for myself because sometimes makeup changes the fake into reality :p .
I recieved many compliments on them and was feeling addicted to them.
Without Lens
Green Lense
In lens
green contact lense

for more information check out their site
Product Info
Base Curve:


Water % of Content:
Lens Type:
1 year

Hope you'll like it.
tata for now
see you again

Monday, 14 May 2012

Beauty Uk Urban Jungle nail varnish glam nails


beauty uk nail polish
Beauty Uk Urban Jungle nail varnish glam nails
High gloss, long lasting formula with silky smooth application. Over 30 shades to choose - ranging from pastels to metallics in a perfectly petite bottle.
Make your statement and go glam!
nail polish

My Review:
Hi Beautiful!
I am here with a lovely product. Its urban jungle nail polish from beauty uk. It was really a good experience. I thought the colour wont look good or be dull but It was totally different. It ended up looking amazing on my nails I felt as if they had an extra shiny effect. Above all, i prefer using it with an awesome tight dress with my hair in a loose curly style and applying some natural make up. It will totally rock.
nail art

 I am not that much into nail polish. I rarely wear it out but this was an awesome treat. I would like to recommend those who love applying nail polishes try out this colour and temme if i am wrong. I would love to hear out your feedbacks xx

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Natural Big Eyes Lenses - Dolly Eye - Celeb Super Nudy Green By Uniqso


nudy green contact lense

Natural Big Eyes Lenses - Dolly Eye - Celeb Super Nudy Green
 Hey everyone,
Sorry for being really very non active here. I have been really very busy in my life these days. Well leaving that apart, I am here with an awesome sharing of a known brand but this time, my sharing is not really related to the girly stuff. Boys can also look up here lol well joking. Few weeks ago,I received uniqso's contact lense in nude colour.
I was waiting for so long to try them on me. As I told above,  I was way busy in my life these days. So I tried them on. And guess what :D. I loved them on my eye. This brand has its name and glamour.
Let me start the review from the Company's introduction is an online store which is selling unique colored circle lenses/contact lenses and accessories for eyes make up & nails make up. We were established in December 2010 and formerly known as We have fancy & safe to use circle lenses/contact lenses, quality make up accessories and healthy water based nail polishes . We offer the best quality products for you through online.
contact lenses

I can tell because I didnt found it hard at all to wear or that I feel some itchiness on my eyes as some lense does it sometimes. These lenses were not like that at all Infact, They were quite comfortable and easy to wear out and they dont really let your eye loose them up or down. As sometimes we do get trouble in the middle of any party where we wear out these lol, that they get up or move a bit because they dont get to stick to your eye even the famous brands have this problem. But these lense were not like that. I truely like uniqso and there quality.
Natural big eyes lenses
big eye contact lens
Without Lense
color contact lens
In Lens
color contact lense
nude green color lense
 I love this color.It was pretty hard to choose one color for my eyes because
They have a huge collection of different awesome colours. I will definately consider my new buy out from here. They have unique colours that turns out exactly the same in every type of eye colour. Their lense shape is also quite good for each n every eye even short ,large or any.
By the way, I was pretty much in love with those glow lenses that came out during hallowwen or maybe in christmas. I was dying to try them but :/ I couldnt. They have a really huge amount of customers shopping each day that was also the reason for my glow lense :/.
Anyways, Honestly I would like to recommend everyone out here to check out their website, maybe you will find a colour that you want. 
Also You can use this coupen code for 10% discount
buy online color cosmetic contact lenses from uniqso
Uniqso Color Contact Lens
Product Info
Item: LNDE017GR
Weight: 0.1000
Unit of Measure: kg
Product Particulars
1.Sold as : Per Pair
2.Diameter : 14.5mm
3.Base Curve : 8.6mm
4.Water Content : 38%
Stay blessed !!

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