Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Lolita Eye Shade Pallettes


Eye Shade Pallettes
It’s a palette of 6 rich eyeshadow colors 3 are powder eyeshadows and 1 of them is creamy eyeshadow, 24 various shades are available.
Powdered Shadow Kit
Eye Shade Pallettes review

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smokey eye shade pallete
Creamy Shadow Kit
cream eye shades pallete

My Experience: I am here with another review. I have lots of cosmetics products some are from rich brand and some of them are cheap :p so today am introducing u about a cheap one but it's lovely and totally amazing eyeshadow kit ,now am gonna sharing my views about this kit so what i tell u first hmm 
i found that the texture of each shadow is very soft, smooth and blendable,a seductive palette of six rich and versatile colors that allows me to create a multiple of make-up looks, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.  The creamy shadows feel silky and smooth to apply, and actually stay in place, unlike the others shadows that don't blend well into my skin. There are tons of shades to choose from, too, They all blend easily, have rich, intense color, and don’t bunch up in my skin.The colors are super high pigment.These eyeshadow kits are absolutely amazing. The colors glide on smoothly, they are all the colors that i want.Cheap but a useful Kit i found for myself.
glitter eye shades pallete




following :) you left the link on my fb page. Awesome site!!!

www.undecidedmama1329.com is the name of mine :)

Unknown said...

thanku dear
am also following u
u have also great site

my mini bag said...

I love the color palette. Great review.

sadee said...

wowww looks so pigmented

Rock 'n Style said...

I never use eyeshadow, but if I do I only use black for a smokey eye!

Also, I can’t say this enough – I want to thank you for your lovely comment (back) on my blog, that is so sweet of you! I appreciate it so much that you’ve stopped by and even took the time and effort to comment. You make my day every time you do this!


Rock 'n Style

Unknown said...

Oh I could so use some new eye shadow in my stocking. Following via bloggy moms! Please come say hi and follow me back at http://www.yummymummykitchen.com

happy holidays!

Ashley B. said...

Oooo I'm going to be out buying new makeup today and am def. going to look for this one!! Just the name makes me smile lol. And anything that is affordable and a good quality product is a must try!! =)

With Love
Ashley B.



Unknown said...

thanku with love and yes u should buy quality product which are affordable
am also following u

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