Thursday, 22 December 2011

Lolita Facepowder Puff


Face powder

The Face Powder Puff Sponge Makeup Cosmetic is the perfect choice for women to make up. Comfortable and easy applicable. The sense of touch is soft, can demonstrate the second change of the powder puff quality. Natural material is extra gentle to skin. It is a good gift for your friend, It can help your friend look more beautiful.

This see-through powder becomes one with skin to soften, perfect it and make it look flawless.

Natural chamomile calms and pampers.
Won't clog pores, cake or flake.
Comes with a fluffy cotton puff 
press powder

My Reviews: I am very pleased with this product. It is soft, firmly constructed and fits perfectly in the powder,This is normal quality, plush and super soft! It is also pretty huge ,almost like the size of a puff you would find in dusting powder. I love it! "Gentle puff exclusively for face powder, with soft fibers that hold just enough powder, spreading it lightly and softly for an even finish.It's a Velvety soft for perfect powder application. It have the right amount of felt on the applicator pad to assure that powder distributes evenly, and are stuffed enough not to feel too thin like the cheaper ones. The felt does not shed leaving white fluff all over everything like the cheap other product does. All in all this is an excellent product. It has many colors(shades) and iam using the light one .Overall it's cheap but useful stuff for daily use i am really pleased with this product and also used it for non important meetings(daily meeting with friends).



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nice product
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