Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Lolita Glitter Eyeshadow


Glitter Eyeshades pallete

Glitter Eyeshades pallete review
Now the time to start having fun with your eyes. Lolita have made eyeshadow more exciting with their powerful silken powder formula that glides onto eyes smoothly and blends effortlessly. Your perfect shade will last as long as you can, neither creasing nor fading, making it the perfect long-wear eyeshadow.
Glitter Eyeshades

My Reviews: I got these shadows by my elder sister she gave me as a gift and absolutely love this set of eye shadow. I have 2 sets and it does exactly as it says and lasts all day long and all night. It blends in really well too.It have Great look, nice shades of colours,I love the combination of colours for each palette.Comes with a set of pigmented affordable yet great quality products that match my eyes exactly.I get lots of compliments when I wear these colors in general. I like that it does have glitter in it, i love when my eyes sparkle too much and the pigment lasts through the day. It doesn''t irritate my eyes. Some cheap glitter eyeshadows usually make a mess all over my cheeks but this kept the glitter in place all night. Love it ,Works amazing with pressed glitter eyeshadow and pigments and regular everyday pigments,Cute and lovely container.



sweetwahine said...

I would love to see color swatch of these! They look really pretty but I can't imagine how they would look on? I love glitter too!

Sana said...

wow!! these looks lovely ... would love to see the swatches of these <3 xx

momto8 said...

looks great! great for New years too!

Cami said...

I love your blog! I followed you! Please check out my blog if you want and follow me? Thanks so much.


Anonymous said...

this looks great, i am not a fashionista girl, but I love to keep in track for the new products, and see what is going on out their, Tks for visiting and becoming my follower. Now I am yours too. rgds, dalys (

beautyfashionbyme said...

i love your blog and i checked out ur fb page
could u follow me back at

beautyfashionbyme said...

Sophielou said...

these look gorgeous, would love to see them on! xxx

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