Tuesday, 3 July 2012

I Got My Prize Rimmel London Goodie Bag


Rimmel London Goodie Bag
Hey all!
Hope everyone will be enjoying their perfect life.
Well I am so glad to share My prize with you.
I won This Rimmel London Goodie bag before 4 months ago at Sadeestyle Beauty And Fashion blog 
And recieved it 2 days ago after a longg wait.
It has many things Inside 
2 mascara,2 concealers,1 match perection,4 eyeshadows,4 lipsticks,2 lipglosses,3 lip tints,2 blush and 2 nail polishes
Thanks for taking time to look on my post :p
lol will be back soon with their reviews .
take care 
stay happy 
be blessed
Rimmel London Goodie Bag



Unknown said...

Awesome Giveaway hun. You got a lot of great stuff. Congrats

Unknown said...

Yeah !
Thank you sweet heart muwah

Xiao Vee said...

wow! congrats dear :D

Sabrina said...

Such a lovely goodie bag ;) xx

Rafia said...

Where are you from?...I feel u r pakistani,....right?...congrats on winning

Unknown said...

yeah Rafia Dear Am Pakistani:p
Thank you for wishing me

Maha said...

A really nice luck...mashaAllah! ;)

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

I love SadeeStyle Blog. ONe of my must reads. How nice of her to give you all these amazing makeup. Enjoy!

Beauty. Fashion. Seattle.

BeautyDrugs said...

lovely gift :)

Jessie LH Voo said...

ahhh!! awesome gift! i want a piece of it too! haha...jk

Anonymous said...

Woww Congratulations to you Lol So you got a big panda out of the snow lol

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