Monday, 9 July 2012 Lioele Bubi Bubi Mascara #2 Pinky Brown


Lilies Shop's Lioele Bubi Bubi Mascara #2 Pinky Brown
Hey all!
I have a fantastic product to share with you all. Its Lioele brown mascara from lillies shop.
As always I must have to share the company's Intro.So here it is. is a Vancouver based company selling items from Korea(Except jewerlies) was founded in November 2009 and has been operating successfully until the present day. They are an online retailer/wholesaler of women's and men's cosmetics, contact lenses, Korean fashion wigs, accessories, jewelry, and much more. is for those who want unique, cuter, and trendier Asian items. Most of the items on's website is mainly influenced by Korean fashion. They provide the best quality items with the most reasonable prices! They are always updating, so please come back often and take a look at their newest selections.
Lilies Shop's Lioele Bubi Bubi Mascara #2 Pinky Brown review

Hey all, Good morning, evening or night :D anything but I hope its good.
So, Its the turn of Liole's brown mascara to give you all a look of it. I know i know :D I have been posting reviews on mascaras :D but trust me, only two more left :D lol. I have got a huge collection of them.
You can see in the pictures, It was a bit dry when I received it. I think maybe due to high temperature in my city, It has gotten dry and rough. It is in brown colour and is easy to apply.It was too dry to use on my lashes.So that's Why I took all the pics of it without applying. Brown color isn't bad for mascara. I would love to try it on. If it comes to me as perfect as it is.
brown mascara review

The new Bubi Bubi Mascara series contains three different colors to pull of a barely there, lovely natural and bright exotic looks! Match it with the Bubi Bubi lip tint for vibrance.

You can use it with simple eye makes up to give an attractive look on your eyes. Brown isnt that much different from black, It gives out a good look on your face. I would recommend to those who use different tones of mascaras , they can try this one out and tell me about it.
For more information Click on the Website 
till then, Stay blessed all !!



Unknown said...

I usually only wear really black mascara, I'd be interested to see how this looks though!

The Urban Umbrella


Ana Carneiro said...

I agree with the above comment, it's always good to get to know new mascaras but it would be nice to see the effect

My Own Project

Unknown said...

I usuallu wear black mascara:) but this one look good:)

Unknown said...


BeautyDrugs said...

nice review :)
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Unknown said...

great post!!!! kisses!!! what do you think if we follow each other??? i follow you!!!! kisses

Michela Mzn said...

thanks for you visit! :* cute blog! would you like to follow each other?

Sherlinda said...

Thank you for introducing me to this mascara. I try to change them frequently. I will look for this one. Also thanks for linking up and your wonderful comments. Back in town and catching up....Sorry for the delay! :D

You're invited to my "Layers of Fun" party at

Unknown said...

My lashes are blond :o/, so I think that this is mascara for me ;o)... Have a great evening. Xoxo V.V.

Collections said...

That mascara looks great. It must look really interesting on.


just me said...

recently i found that brown mascaras looks very nice. thanks fro this review :)

Cinderella Moments said...

I never even thought about brown mascara. Must try!

Maha said...

Yes. Love to have blue and brown mascaras

Anonymous said...

it looks dry in the pictures. I wonder how it looks on the lids lol
Anyways, Nice review though

esion said...

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