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Minerallisima Makeup Review


Today I have interesting Review of makeup collection.
It's from an amazing fantastic company Minerallisima
All products are totally Mind blowing.
Well Before starting the review I am going to share Minerallisima Introduction.
Mineralissima mineral makeup is not a regular cosmetic line. Unlike conventional makeup,we harness the healing benefits of pure crushed minerals to achieve a radiant face and healthy skin by using pure ingredients. Mineralissima makeup contains absolutely no chemicals and is designed to be beautifully light and soothing for skin with the added protection of SPF. Mineralissima mineral powders blend naturally into your skin leaving no visible lines. Our extensive and affordable product-line includes foundations, blushers, eyeshadows, concealers, mascaras, brushes and complete makeup kits.
Minerallisima Makeup Review
My Review: Hey!
I hope everyone is doing great.
I am here again with a new product. This time, Its from Minerallisma. They sent me six amazing products. They were 5 eye shades, bronzer, chiffon finish, blusher, eyeliner pencil, 2 mineral foundations and youth due.
mineral makeup
bikini, wave, lotus,beach eyeshadow
1: Eyeshadow: I will start with 4 eye shades their names are Bikini, Wave, Lotus,Beach and Whisper. They were shiny and vibrant. Colors are perfectly pigmented for my skin tone. The colors are very intense with a good color payoff. They do not fade throughout the day.
Whisper eyeshades

Whisper mineral eyeshades review

2. Bronzer: This bronzer is the icing on the cake. It completes and pulls together my makeup leaving a beautiful brightened glow. I have used and enjoyed bronzers of other brands which were good, but this one ( Minerallisma) is the best by far.
mineral choco bronzer

mineral choco bronzer review
3.Chiffon finish and youth due: Both have the same function. They were so smooth and blendable. You can apply them after foundation. They make your skin look flawless and perfect as for ever.
youth dew and shiffon finish
youth dew and shiffon finish review
4th: Blusher: This is Delight Blusher. This colour of blush was pretty and beautiful. I applied it on myself easily and could feel my cheeks giving me a rosy cheek look. You can apply it in a just small amount and it spreads really very perfectly all the way.
delight blusher
delight blusher review
5th: Powder Mineral foundation 2.75 and 3.10 : This makeup is amazing. Goes on flawlessly, looks natural, and is perfect for my very sensitive skin. No other foundation powder compares to the amazing quality of Minerallisma's. Totally worth the price. 
mineral foundations
mineral foundations review
6th: Eyeliner pencil:  I am not skilled at applying makeup at all and have never been able to achieve 'smokey eyes' the black pencil works great for this. It lines your eyes and you can use a brush to smudge it for the best effect. The colors last even on my oily eyelids.Also In it's cap a sharpener attached.
You can easily Sharp your pencil whenever you need. I highly recommend this liner!
eyeliner pencil black

eyeliner pencil black with sharpener

eyeliner pencil black with sharpener
eyeliner pencil black with sharpener review
 I would recommend you all to have a look at this brand's products. They are all amazing and perfect for anyone.
For More information Check Their Website Minerallisma Makeup
I would love to know about your opinions. Stay blessed



Unknown said...

wow this makeup review is awesome. Would love to try it

Unknown said...

They look lovely, I adore mineral makeup <3

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the creation of beauty is art. said...

Everything looks amazing! The colours are so pigmented and shimmery. They look so beautiful! I would definitely love to try these.

Shaban said...

Yeah da products luk gr8 ,,,I know da world z now shifting towards mineral makeup..coz chemicals r harsh for skin,,,i m luking forward to buy it soon for my wife

Maha said...

Wowwww ! How can i buy them! Plz guide me...m a makeup lover! Wld luv to buy all these,especially bronzer and blusher

Anonymous said...

really nice work :)

Ana Carneiro said...

All products look great!

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very Nice..

Sherry said...

These look like some great products!

Jessie LH Voo said...

i never heard of this brand in malaysia. ! looks like it is worth a try!
Very good review though.

Anonymous said...

Wow amazing products. Looking forward to buy them.
Stay blessed.

Selvaggia Capizzi said...

That bronzer is amazing!!!

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Aijalonica Lei Papa said...

They're awesome! But please change your font and font size.... it's kinda hard to read!

Unknown said...

Really awesome makeuo, thanks for sharing!


afaf said...

wow the shades are looking amazing
although blush
mmm love them

maha said...

seriously the bronzer and blush is looking so gorgeous
I would love to have them

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