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Erth Mineral Makeup


Erth Mineral Makeup
Erth Mineral Makeup
Erth mineral makeup is 100% pure, crushed minerals! The Erth Minerals brand uses only the finest ingredients and uses no unnecessary fillers such as bismuth oxychloride & talc PLUS our cosmetics contain no nano-particles. Our products are listed voluntarily through the FDA's Voluntary Cosmetics Database & through Skin Deep's Cosmetics Safety Database. All of this plus great coverage that you control and a large selection of colors for all skin types and complexions.
Mineral Makeup

My Review: Welcome everyone! I hope you all enjoying your lives at the fullest. Few days back, I just received some make up samples from Erth Minerals. There were two blushes, two eye shades and two foundations. Who wont love such treat :D I enjoyed using them. As I am a makeupohlic :D lol. 
Erth Mineral Makeup review

Well to be true, I selected some of the very lightest and natural shades for the blushes. And Seriously, I didnt know that lightest would mean the very lightest shades. The two I selected were Carnation blush and Satin rose blush. 
And I have to say this that Erth mineral is the brand of their word. They ended up exactly the same as they were shown in the pictures. Carnation blush was really very light I think I will have to use it with the smokey eye effect so that It be prominent with a dark look. yes thats a tip too. About the Satin rose blush, It was definately made for me to have it on my natural make up look. I loved applying it. It only costs you one stroke of it. It gave me a shiny look on my cheeks. 
mineral blush

mineral blush review

 So yes moving on to the Eyes, I selected Erthy plum eye shadow and Sunlight eye shadow. They both were awesome. As you can see in the picture, The sunlight one was exactly the same as It is titled as. And Plum eye shadow was brownish in tone. And was fantastic when I applied it on my eyes. I could feel my eyes giving me an attractive look. I used it with the Satin rose blush and a Red plus pink toned lipstick. It turned out awesome.
mineral eyeshades

In the foundations, I selected Bisque(Loose foundation powdr+spf) and the other one was Ivory cream foundation. Cream foundation was a bit dry in the texture. I could feel my skin going a bit dry as I didnt applied any liquid foundation or concealer before it. So it turned out a bit dry for me. I think I can recommend this to those who have oily skin. They can use it as it goes a bit dry. Loose foundation powder was quite good as I applied it and felt that my skin was all balanced in the tone. There werent any bristles or anything left on my face that would disbalance my tone. It gave out a 10/10 effect on my face. I think you should also use it.
mineral foundations

mineral foundation review

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LoveT. said...

Great Swatches! Love the Colours :)


Selvaggia Capizzi said...

I never tried mineral make up! But i am very intrigued!

Unknown said...


RaindropsofSapphire said...

Oh it looks really good! I love natural make up! Hopefully you can stop by my blog too!

Star Vogue said...

great post :)

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

Thanks for swatching! I'm always on the beauty hunt.


Redheaded Daybook said...

i was considering using these. but grateful that you did a review. my face has been super dry lately so dont think these foundations would work for me :( thanks!!!

Unknown said...

I love mineral pigments, have you ever tried BellaPierre? She makes some wonderful ones :D


Julie (Little Pink Rain Boots) said...

Very pretty colors. I love how pigmented their products are.

Lisa said...

I love how your reviews are always nice and detailed! I like the light blushes, and thanks for sharing this brand of mineral makeup! I have never heard of it until today!

The Lovely Memoir

Australia Business Articles said...

Thanks for the great advice! Proper application really does make a big difference when it comes to mineral make-up.

It's always a girl's Big Day at Wye Cosmetics

Anonymous said...

Wow, perfect colors. My summer choices should have this brand too.

Womens Online Store said...

Oh wow, I'm totally in love with all of the erth mineral colors! Thanks for the post..:)

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