Friday, 3 February 2012

J.Casanova 3-Color Blushing Powder


Welcome everyone, 
I am back with a new make up product. Sorry for the late update. 
So here it is, J.Casanova's 3- Colour blushing powder (02 Mirage L-R 404,405,406). 
Wow, I really love J.Casanova's makeup products. 
Although, As you can see, I am really a big fashion addict. 
And This is also one of my fav. choices. 
I have just used the blush of this brand. I thought every blush would have a brownish tone but the lightest shades were awesome and dreamy. 
It blends very well and easy to apply. 
They were all like the lightest pinkish tones 
and They give a really good glow to your cheeks when you apply. 
I use it on occasions, It never fades away but is very stable. 
It only needs one press of the brush and not that much powder you should apply on the brush aswell because It is really very good when you apply it in a lesser amount. It is really very good for the smokey eyes makeup, 
I mean to say for the blush, would give a 100% matching to it.
I would recommend it to all who love glamorous makeup type because It suits every type of makeup and skin type aswell.

J.Casanova cosmetics

J.Casanova cosmetics review
 The 3 Shades
pink natural blush
Thank You For Reading My Post :hug:



the creation of beauty is art. said...

I am such a blush addict! This looks like a really great set. Beautiful colours!

sadee said...

Really beautiful

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Never heard of this brand. Pretty colors.

Sabrina said...

Lovely colours!
xoxo Sabrina
P.S. Giveaway on my blog!

Laura said...

this looks lovely :) xo

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