Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Dream Golden Shimmer Powder


Dream Golden Shimmer Powder
 Soft as a whisper, delicate as a cloud, this luxurious golden powder puff is filled with fabulous glitter powder.Now your skin will be luxuriously and enlivened with a delicate mist of golden shimmer.
Golden Shimmer Powder
 My Review: Welcome Beautiful Girls!
I am introducing you to the golden glitter powder puff
the product name is Dream Glitter powder ,
It has a normal effect on my skin ,has a powder texture.
You can apply it at the end of your makeup ,It has a powder puff its so easy to apply.As it just requires on the one apply of the puff. It gives a shiny and glowing makeup effect. I like to use it on various occasion .Sometimes People ask me which brand of shimmer are you using as they adore it.
There is a funny tip whenever i do my hairstyle i like to end by hairstyle with putting shimmers on my hair they look fabulous ,in the wedding hall parties, I and My sisters used to glow because of the shimmer effect on face and hair :P, I still apply it, because it does not look horrible .It is not necessary to put shimmer in a large amount , You can use it in a little so I will recommend you all because I don't want you all to stay out of the glowing effect. Thank You For reading my new post . Hope everyone like it.
Golden Shimmer Powder review



J said...

Thanks for the review!! But too bad you didn't include a photo of you! :)

-Josie, 8bitgrayscale

Melli said...

Great review. Wonder how much shine it gives to hair. :)


Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Great review. I like the way it shimmers.


sadee said...

woww i really wat this one

momto8 said...

thank you...I love the look!

beautiful me plus you said...

Love the gold! great review!
xxx Marina

AndreiaSalim said...

I liked all the tones, wonderful! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice review. It looks like a fun shimmer. Thank you for linking up at WW at Taylor Joelle Designs and following on GFC. I am your newest follower!


Theresa Mahoney said...

I love body shimmer, but agree, would have loved to have seen a picture of it on a model. Great review though!

Thanks for stopping by www.theresasmixednuts.blogspot.com

I am following back in GFC

The Black Pearl Blog said...

It looks amazing! Xxx

MotherUndercover said...

oooo pretty!

Jessica @FoundtheMarbles said...

Sounds like a good product. May be worth a try!

Shara said...

nice one!

Anonymous said...

Would this work on a very light complexion?

Thanks for coming by my blog. I'm following back.

Unknown said...

Yeah it works on every type of skin complexion.

Unknown said...

Following you on GFC (Bodhi's Mews)

Kirsty said...

Great review. Would love you to check out my blog, maybe we could follow each other if you like :D

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