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Royal & Langnickel Silk Pro 12 -Pc Makeup Brush Set


Royal & Langnickel Silk Pro 12 Pc Makeup Brush Set
 Royal & Langnickel  Description
SILK™ is our most popular and luxurious line, designed for the consummate professional. Utilizing the highest quality natural and synthetic hairs available anywhere, the SILK™ line delivers exceptional brushes with unmatched precision and a sleek design. 
Royal & Langnickel Silk Pro 12 Pc Makeup Brush Set review

 Now In Open View
My Experience With Royal And Langnickel Silk Pro 12 Pc Makeup Brush Set
Wow I cant imagine that everything what I needed was inside this leather pack. Each n every type of brush was available inside it. I just loved it. They are really very strong gripped brushes. I used it and the very best thing about it was that It didnt left any bristles on my face while others leave. And the second thing that I really loved about it was that It came really very early. It is a perfect make up tool set. They were packed perfectly as I oppened the leather pack, Every brush was protected by a plastic cover on it. Each brush has its on use and Its written right at the bottom of it.

They were total 12 brushes in it. It helps you touch up your make up really fast. As It wont let you apply your shades or foundations or blushes again and again to make them prominent on your face because only one apply will do the whole work.

And One advice, Always clean them with water after using them because when they get dry, The hair starts coming out of it. I experienced this with my other brush set of another brand. So I just needed to give an advice.

What I liked about it
  • Packing was really good. It was packed in a black leather pack.

  • Every brush has its own place and they were covered with plastic around them.

  • It has a very good professional quality

  • Brushes has strong grip.

Funtions Of Silk Pro 12 Pc Makeup Brush Set

1.Powder C100
Powder brush  which is used for powder foundations, loose powders or face powders.

Royal & Langnickel Silk Pro

 2.Blush C110
Blush brush, Name describes it all. It is very soft and easy to apply any blush.
Royal & Langnickel Silk Pro review

 3.Foundation C200
Foundation brush, It is not hard on your skin and doesnt require to put much force on it to apply. It blends very well and doesnt leave any bristles on your face.
Royal & Langnickel

4.Brow/Lash C511
Brow/lash brush, Dual quality brush with unique softness in it to comb your eye brows and lashes.
For Brow
Royal & Langnickel brush

 For Lash
5.Eye Shader MD C410
Eye shadow brush, no matter which quality powder you are using, this brush wont let the powder ruin your eye.
6.Angle Shader C500
Angle shader brush, It is perfect to shape up your eyes and give an attractive look for smokey eyes espacially.
7.Smudger C420
Smudger Brush is a natural brush created for adding depth close to the lash line and in the corner of the eye.
8.Lip Brush C600
Lip brush, enjoy the flexibility of drawing controlled, soft curves, as well as sharp, fine lines.
9.Pointed Liner C440
Pointed Eye Liner Brush is a synthetic brush that tapers to a narrow point, allowing you to determine the width of eye liner by the pressure applied
10.EyeBrow C490
Eyebrow brush, Perfect for drawing the outline of eyebrows. Soft and firm bristles to fill in eyebrows with fine, hair-like strokes.
11.Concealer C210
Concealer Brush. Achieve precise cover up with the on-the-spot corrective brush, specifically designed to mask imperfections
12.Flat EyeLiner C450
Flat Eye Liner Brush contains synthetic, firm bristles narrowing to a thin, flat line to ensure the most exact placement of Eye Liner.

A Beautiful And Professional Makeup Brush Set
I Would Recommend To All Who Love To Experience Expensive But Quality Brush 


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