Wednesday, 8 February 2012

CLOSED: International Giveaway: Win Rimmel London "3 Goodie Bags Worth 400 AED(100US$)"


Hey all Girls !
Time has come to get your dream brand Giveaway. 
I am hosting a biggest International Giveaway ever 
" 3 Rimmel London Goodie Bags 
Worth 400 AED (100 US $)"
3 Winner will be choosen
Hurry Up Girls hook up with this Giveaway.

All you have to do is to follow these rules.
Rules for participating:
1. Follow our blog with GFC(FOLLOW PUBLICLY): Glamorous Girl Blog
2. Like our facebook fan page: Like Glamorous Girl :: Fashion Inspiration
3. Follow on Twitter: Glamorous Girl Twitter
4. Add to circle on G+ : Glamorous Girl G+
Don't be upset , if you are unable to follow by G+ or Twitter
Additional entries also available (OPTIONAL):
1.Invite your 3 friends to follow my blog with GFC(Follow Publicly). (+3 entries)
2. Do a blog post about this giveaway including picture,  also copy and post the link here so i can see and add your entries.(+3 entries)
3. Also add the above picture in your blog's side bar with labeling Giveaway's title.(+3 entries)

After following all of these rules must reply here with the post " Enter Me" and also leave your email so i can easily contact after nominating.
The Competition Begin on 9th february 2012 and will be end on 1st March 2012.
3 Winner Will be choosen , and they will get 

" Rimmel London Goodie Bag 
Worth 400 AED (100 US $)"
Thank You.



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Polly Davies said...

Enter me:

Gfc: Polly Davies
Fb: Polly Davies
Google+; Polly Davies


Hi I am following you back from the hop & its cool to enter in this giveaway! very smart :)
Enter me;
GFC CreativeMind

Come & join my giveaway of digital scrapbooking softwere! You will have fun!

Delicia said...

Just stopping by to say hi. Thanks so much for the follow. I'm a new follower. Love your blog!

Papgena Made It said...

Enter me!
GFC: Papgena made it!

sweetheart said...

Enter me!

GFC: sweetheart4171
Twitter: @sweetheart4171
FB: Peggy D
Google+: Peggy D


*Tasha* said...

Enter Me! :)

GFC: *Tasha*
Facebook: Mali Vrag

photography4thecreator said...

Enter Me:
GFC - photography4thecreator
FB - J.P Photography

No twitter or google+ :(

Sissi said...

Enter me please!
GFC: Sissi
FB: Valeria L.
mail: serenity19851983(at)gmail(dot)com
post on my blog:
giveaway on my sidebar:

sweetheart said...

posted on sidebar of blog #1


sweetheart said...

posted on sidebar of blog #1


sweetheart said...

sted on sidebar of blog #2


sweetheart said...

sted on sidebar of blog #3


мιѕѕ.ℓαяα said...

Enter me.
I blogged about it and put it on side bar.

Followed on GFC
Liked on FB - Nissanllelys
Followed on Twitter - Miss_Lara
Added you on Google +

Thanks for the change to enter! :)

Kelly @ Live.Laugh.Rowe said...

Thank you so very much for participating in the blog hop! Cheers!


Carol said...

Enter me!
Followed with GFC
Liked on Facebook: Carol Miranda

Followed on Twitter: @enirdnaz
Added to circle on G+ : Carol Miranda

my email:

MaRyAm ChAuDaRy said...

enter me
gfc: maryam razzaq
Facebook name: maryam chaudary
Twitter name: maryam razzaq

Nina said...

GFC: Nina (ninacarry2011)
Twitter: @ninacarry
G+: Nina C
Side post done

joanandriahsreviews said...

Following GFC Joannie

joanandriahsreviews said...

I like your FB page
Joans Reviews
joan_penfold at yahoo dot com

joanandriahsreviews said...

Following Glam Girl Twitter
joan_penfold at yahoo dot com

joanandriahsreviews said...

Added to G+
joan_penfold at yahoo dot com

Jeff Hardy said...

interesting post. Now you can use this business services directory to promote fashion bags import & export business.

Marina said...

Enter me :)
gfc: Marina D.
mail: isollea at gmail dot com
facebook: Marina B.
google + also Marina :)

aureliasp. said...

Enter me~

GFC Nisrina Maritza
Twitter @nisrina_maritza
FB Nisrina Maritza

sidebar >


Farndzes said...

Enter me =)
GFC : Farndzes
email :
Twitter : @farndzes
G+ : Hanna Kenzaki

-Ila- said...

Enter me!

gfc: -Ila-
Facebook: Ilaria Ambrosio

Alta Infante said...

GFC name: Alta Infante
email: alta.infante(at)yahoo(dot)com

Followed you on twitter @altainfante

Liked your FB page. (Fb name: Aletha Jane Infante)

Added you on G+ as Alta Infante

Posted this on my sidebar:

Anonymous said...

Enter me .
GFC: Oana B
FB: Oana Bîrlea
G+: Oana Bîrlea
don't have Twitter :(

Billi said...

thanks for giveaway dear
enter me please
gfc as billi
facebook as javeria hussain
google plus as jiya hussain
twitter as jiya222

Raven said...

Enter me, please!

GFC: Raven
G+: Raven Hallow
Twitter: @Rach_Hallow
FB: Raquel Coelho
Blog sidebar:


Enter Me Please
GFC: ShoreSavingsWithPatti
Google+: PattiPurelli/ShoreSavingsWithPatti
Twitter: ShoreSavingsPat
FB: Patti Matolyak Purelli


Katlyn Larson said...

Enter Me!
GFC Katlyn Larson
Facebook Logan Katlyn Larson
Twitter @KatlynLarson
G+ Katlyn Larson


3 friends I invited Meg @ The Kissy Pearl, Nichelle @ The Vintage Wanna Bee, and Margot @ Newfoundlander at Heart.

Blog post and picture in side bar at

Jeeya (De Frozen) said...

Enter me
Gfc : De Frozen
Twitter : @urz_jeeya
google+ : Jaweria Jawed
Facebook : Jaweria Jawed

Valentina said...

enter me!
GC: MissVulkanika / Valentina
FB: valentina anna perla nigro
my blog:
(sorry, I don't use twitter)

my email: vale_n2000(at)


ARES said...

Enter me!

FB: Aubrey Rose
Blog post:
pretyaresg (@) gmail (dot) com

ARES said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sherl Bastien said...

Enter Me>
GFC Sherl
Facebook Sherl Miller Bastien (Jbjovibaby)
G+ Sherl

Justine said...

Stopping by from the Grow your blog {blog Hop}!

miha.ela said...

enter me

gfc miha.ela
fb mihaela pojogu
twitter @MihaelaPojogu
g+ mihaela pojogu

mihaela.mihordea at gmail dot com

Cyma said...

Enter Me!
GFC: Cyyma
Facebook: cyma minhas
twitter: dont have twitter account.

Shrilata Madeneni said...

Enter me!
GFC: shrilata kolli
FB: Shrilata Madeneni
Twitter: @shrilatam
G+ : Shrilata M

Mrs.K said...

Hi! Enter Me please!

GFC: Mrs K
Liked your FB : Nisa Abdul
Followed on twitter : @MrsNisaAbdul
Email :


Anca Pop said...

Enter me please!
GFC: Aqua_shell
Facebook: Anca Pop
Google +: Anca Pop
Twitter: @Aqua_shell

thank you for the giveaway :)

marilena maftei said...

Hi, thank you for this amazing giveaway!
Enter me, please!
GFC: marilena maftei
FB; marilena maftei
Twitter: @mary_maf
Google+: marilena maftei
Email: mary_len25 at yahoo dot com

binabug said...

thanks for the invite on fb (Bina c edwards)
GFC binabug
twitter @jackaljarrod
G+ Sabina edwards

tishka said...

Enter me! :)

gfc: tishka
twitter: @tijanatesija

MaRyAm ChAuDaRy said...

Enter me :)

Gfc: maryam razzaq
Facebook name: maryam razzaq
Twitter name: @maryamchaudary
Blogside bar:

Sophie said...

Enter me please!

GFC: Sophie
Twitter: sophiepophie
Facebook: Sophie Phan
Google Plus: Sophie Phan

Thank you!

Red Scintilla said...

Enter me plz :)
Email :
GFC Follower : red Scintilla
Twitter follower : @CherieFemme
Facebook page fan : Cherie Femme
G+ Added as Laska Eli.
Thnx for the giveaway !!

rabia rana said...

GFC:Riba rana
Tweeter: @ribarana
Fb: Rabia Rana
G+ :Riba Rana

Kawaii-doll said...

Enter me!
GFC: Kawaii-doll
facebook and google+: Gabriela Dąbska

rabia rana said...

GFC: riba rana
G+ : riba rana
Fb: Rabia rana
Tweeter: @ribarana


Therese said...

Enter me!
GFT: Therese S
Twitter: ThereseSkov
Google+: Therese Skov
facebook: Therese Skov


Xiao Vee said...

Enter me :)
GFC: Xiao Vee
FB: shelviana Handoko
twitter: @XiaoVee_
G+ : Xiao Vee

Yasinisi said...

Enter me :)

GFC: Yasinisi

G+ : Yasinisi Yasinisi
FB: Marta Ś.
Twitter: @Yasinisi

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Enter me!

GFC: jess
Facebook: jessa marie
Twitter: @ilovemakeup68


milagros gonzalez said...

Enter me!
GFC: milagros gonzalez
Facebook: milagros gonzalez
Google+:milagros gonzalez

Tiffyjiffy said...

Enter me :)
Fb: Tiffany Chiu
Goggle+: Tiffany Chiu
GFC: tiffyjiffy
Thanks for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...


Hey Huda! Thanks so much for following my blog My Unmasked Life and telling me about this wonderful giveaway!

I Follow your blog via GFC. -Amber

I liked your facebook page -My Life Unmasked

I added you to circle on G+ -Amber Cannon

:) said...

1. Follow our blog with GFC AMY ROUSE
2. Like our facebook fan page AMY ROUSE
3. Follow on Twitter: Glamorous Girl Twitter @DROPASTITCH
4. Add to circle on G+ : Glamorous Girl G+ AMY ROUSE

dropastitch at yahoo dot com

Très bien said...

enter me!
GFC: Très bien
FB: Tresbien Bera Gambino
Twitter: @loveonabudget

Don't have G+...


Kisa J said...

Enter Me!

Kisarune@ msn. com

Ceca Ilic said...

Enter Me!
GFC: Ceca Ilic
Facebook: Ceca Ilic
Twitter: @ceca_ilic
G+ : Ceca Ilic

Pretty Muffin said...

Enter Me!
GFC: Pretty Muffin
Facebook: Monica Simbolon
Twitter: @monicasimbolon
G+ : Monica Simbolon


sohamolina said...

enter me

veveblond said...

Enter Me!! :)

GFC: veveblond
Facebook: Victoria Po
Twitter: @veveblond03
G+ :Andra veve

I invited 3 friends :)

Rachel Lee said...

Enter me!

FB - Rachel Lee
GFC - Rachel Lee


Jackie G said...

Enter Me! :)

GFC: Jacqueline Joy Glumalid
FB: Jacqueline Joy Glumalid
Twitter: jackieandsleep


409cope said...

Enter Me!
Facebook-Shari Dalton
G+-Shari D cardshark42(at)hotmail(dot)com Thanks for hosting!

Sadi said...

Enter Me!! :)

GFC: Sadi

Facebook: Sadia Latif

Twitter: @Sad20ful

Sorry i dont use Google plus so cannot add u :(

email :

Thankss alot

Anonymous said...

Enter me:
1. Follow on GFC: Christy Kramer
2. Like on Facebook: Christy Kramer
3. Follow on Twitter: @LivingHS
4. Add to circle on G+ : Christy Kramer

Tamika Rybinski said...

thanks for stopping by, returning the follow and entering myself in your giveaway1


Jessica said...

Enter me!
GFC: Jessica *
FB: Jessica Lucas
email: paramourbeat at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Enter Me!:)

GFC: lidiadias_mb
Facebook:Lídia Dias

rabia rana said...

Enter me..
GFC : riba rana
Tweeter: @ribarana
Fb: rabia rana
G+ : riba rana
Email :

Jer said...

Enter me~
GFC: Jer
Email: jaekayy (at) gmail dot com
Facebook: Jerrica Liu
Twitter: @themoobinator
Google+ : Jerrica Liu

Camelia Andrasescu said...

GFC : Camelia Andrasescu
FB : Adriana Camelia Andrasescu Scrieciu
G+ : Camelia Andrasescu
Twitter : @cameliaadriana
Email :
Thank you

lonelytoes said...

enter me too!!!

GFC: iamlonelytoes
Twitter: @iamlonelytoes
FB: joriel anthonette V. conales

Kellyta said...

Enter me =D

GFC: Kellyta
I follow you on twitter: @Raquel_Kelly
I like yor facebook page: Raquel Estañ
Google circle: Raquel Estañ
I post in my sidebar:


Ioana_Alinta said...

Hello! Thank you for invitation!
Enter Me, please!
gfc: Ioana Alinta
facebook: Ioana Gheorghita
twitter: @ioana_alinta
G+ : Ioana Gheorghita

lucy said...

Enter me please.
gfc lucy
email- yr3ilka[at]yahoo[dot]com
FB Lucia Vlad
Google+ -viscun Lucia
I invite chocolate_bee90 and deea_blonda50

deea21 said...

Enter me.
fb:deea andreea
post fb:

andreeabacau said...

enter me
fb:Yady Deea
google+:Yady Deea

procentova said...

Enter me!
GFC: procentova
FB Dominika Grela

lovely pettit_mom said...

enter me Please:-)

email add:
GFC google :pettit_mom

gaby said...

Enter Me! por Favor.
Following on GFC:gabriela sanchez
added to circles
Like on FB:Gabriela Aguilar
Following on Twitter:@1chynna
Thank you for this really amazing giveaway.
God bless you..Have a good day..

Andrea Amy said...

Enter me!!

GFC Andrea Amy
Twitter mommy2fiveboys
Google+ Andrea Amy
Facebook Andrea Amy

11gHiEsZeLLe07 said...

Enter me!!..

GFC: 11ghieszelle07
blog side bar:
Google+: Gizzele Alfonso
FB name: Gizzele Alfonso

Nuku-Nuku said...

Enter me please!
FB-Nuku Nuku Miau
Google+-Nuku Nuku

amela_carda said...

Enter me
FB:Amela Čardaklija
i dont have twwitter or google+

Wienna said...

Enter Me!
GFC: Wienna
Facebook: Wienna Lee
Twitter: @WiennaLee
G+ : Wienna Lee

email: wienna(at)gmail(dot)com


BreAnnNicole said...

Enter me please :)
GFC- BreAnnNicole
Facebook- BreAnn Shepherd
Twitter- @PipersMommy5
G+- BreAnn Shepherd

rhaindropz said...

ENTER ME HUN i want to participate (also thanks for the heads up)!!

♥ GFC: rhaindropz
♥ email:
♥ fb: Rhania Escueta Chang
♥ twitter: @rhaindropz
♥ g+ : Rhania Escueta-Chang
♥ blogpost sidebar:

hugs and kisses

Fellow Rover said...

I am a gfc follower as khrista porcadilla/fellow rover.
I liked your FB page as Fellow Rover.
I follow you on twitter as bellekhris.
Unfortunately, I do not have a Google Plus account.

Thanks for the giveaway.

khrisocubillo at yahoo dot com

kanyapratita said...

Enter me!

GFC name: kanyapratita
Facebook: Kanya Pratita Wanaditya
G+ : Kanya Pratita
Twitter: @kanyanyanyaa

Also add this giveaway in my blog's sidebar

Adeela said...

Enter me
GFC: Adeela
Google +: adeela ahmad
twitter: adeelaahmad

Suneha Bhatia said...

Enter Me!

GFC: Suneha Bhatia(
Facebook: Suneha Bhatia
G+ : Suneha Bhatia(

Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover said...

Enter Me please! :)

GFC : Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover
E-mail :
Facebook : Stavroula Plag
G+ : Stavroula P.
Twitter: @DrugstoreBLover
I also added your giveaway here :

By the way I have made my profile public, but during the last 3 months blogger has been giving me problems and tells me that I don't follow any blogs, so please do not disqualify me. I DO follow your blog! I can send you a screenshot or something :) Thank you! x

Surabhi Surendra said...

Enter me

1) I liked your FB page - Surabhi Surendra

2) Followed you by GFC - Surabhi Surendra

3) Followed you on Twitter - Womanatics

4) Added you to G+ Circle - Surabhi Surendra

Sudhaa Gopinath said...

Enter me!!!
GFC Name - Sudhaa
Email -
Facebook Follower - Sudhaa Gopinath
Twitter Follower - Sudhaag17
G+ Follower - Sudhaa Gopinath
Posted give away in sidebar -

Belle said...

Enter Me! :)

Email - candycoatedpaw[at]gmail[dot]com
Twitter - candycoatedpaw
Facebook - Candycoated Paw
G+ - Belle B
Thanks! :)

Belle said...

Oops.. left my GFC - Belle
Thanks again!

Alessia said...

Enter me!
GFC: Fabulosity
FB: Alessia Lale
twitter: @Aljsa
G+: Alessia Lale
mail address: alelale at live dot com

Snow87 said...

Enter me

GFC Mayya Zeltser
Facebook Maya TheBee
Twitter @Maya_snwbrd
Google+ Mayya Zeltser


iulika_ct said...

Hello !!!
Enter me.
I follow you via GFC with the user iulika_ct. My email address is
I like your Facebook fan page, my name on Facebook is Iuliana Gondos.
I also follow your Twitter page, my name on Twitter is iulika_ct
I also follow you on G+, my name Iuliana Gondos
This is an amazing giveaway. Good luck to everyone !!!

chicbenefits said...

Enter Me
GFC: Chic Benefits
Twitter: @soURBAN_chic
G+: chicbenefits
FB: Nkechi Opurum

Ľubaša said...

Enter me!
GFC Lubaska
Twitter Lubaska
FB Lubka Kotmanikova
Google plus Lubica Kotmanikova

lubaska dot k at gmail dot com

Gabriela said...

Enter me!
I've done all the steps.

I also posted your giveaway in the sidebar of my blog:

Thank you!

hofken said...

Enter me!

GFC: Cynthia.Richardson
Facebook: Cynthia M Richardson
Twitter: @hofken
G+ : Cynthia Richardson

Anonymous said...

Enter Me!
GFC: Tantza
Facebook: Tantza C-tina

Lucie Srbová said...

Enter me!
GFC: Lucie Srbová
Twitter: LucyS9
Facebook: Lucka Srbová
G+: Lucie Srbová


Anonymous said...

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Sandy Mertens said...

Looks like I am too late for this giveaway. Thank you for following my blog

Posing Suits said...

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