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Lashem Measurable Difference Lash Gel


Lashem Measurable Difference Lash Gel 
What Lashem Says About It:
Experience the difference with our dual-patented lash boosting formula that is sure to condition those beautiful lashes! This lash boosting product works great on short, brittle and weak lashes. When it comes down to beauty we know it’s all about the eyes. Also works great on eyebrows. Irritation free, prostaglandin free and no prescription needed!


  • Eyelash boosting formula.
  • Protects your lashes and is designed to help improve the overall condition and appearance of eyelashes. 
  • Specifically formulated to deliver essential proteins, vitamins and rejuvenating ingredients that can nourish the structure of lashes, while adding shine and appearance. 
  • It is ideal for women and men with brittle, weak, thin or short eyelashes. 
  • Helps amplify volume by strengthening and rejuvenating lashes. 
  • Helps promote lash flexibility and durability. 
  • Adds moisture and shine to lashes and improve elasticity. 
  • Can also be used on eyebrow. 
  • Great for lash extension users! Help those broken, brittle lashes. 


Apply LASHEM with one gentle continuous stroke across base of lashes. Recommended application is twice daily, can also apply one a night. Eyes should be clear of any makeup or cream residue; contact lenses should also be removed.

My Experience With It

Wow I was waiting for this new product as I heard it from different people that It is a gel that makes your eye lashes grow thicker. Lashem sent it to me and I have been enjoying it since the day I receieved it. Its packing was also nice same as the mascara. Me and my sister are using this gel for like a week and we daily use it and love it.
Lashem measurable difference eye lash gel has taken my heart with it. I never imagined that I can even use a gel to make them grow stronger and larger in lenght. It is very easy to apply and the best part out of it is , It doesnt harm your eye at all. With the precautions when you apply it, You will feel comfortable to open up your eye and close it. Althought I have started using it for a week now but I havent seen any difference in my lashes as I already have longer eye lashes.

 What I Like : 
  • It is transparent gel more like a liquid you are applying to your eye lashes. It is very easy to apply
  • It is odourless. Best for those who have allergies.
  • You can simply walk right after applying it as it doesnt require you to lay down for minutes and then walk.
  • The applicator is very convenient you can easily apply it. It has the same as the eye liners have.
  • It dries quickly and you will feel nothing on your eyes.
  • I havent felt any change in my eye lashes as I have just started using it. May be after one month It will start working.
I will recommend it to those who have small eye lashes and thin eye lashes aswell. They should give a try to this gel. It's new and easy to apply.



Bravoe Runway said...

This sounds like a great product...I just bought latisse today! It's really for my eyebrows as they're quite sparse so I've read that it can stimulate growth but I sure wish I got it for $70! Hope you'll stop by and let me know if you would be interested in following each other :)

Anonymous said...

I like this product. It's very easy to apply.

t said...

Great post!

Melli said...

I've never tried any eyelash serums, but I've seen many people try Latisse and have great results. This one seems to be a great alternative at a cheaper price, so that's always good. :)

Thanks for following my blog btw. <3

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

The price is steep, but some of us really need the boost. Good to know that it's an overall good product.

Marionberry Style said...

I seriously am on constant alert for new lash this might be perfect! Thanks for the review!

XO - Marion

Interestedtips said...

i love this post, so interesting, thanx for stopping by on my blog.

Leelo said...

Nice review! This is one of those products that I would definitely like to try.

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

sounds like nice product! pity I don't really need it

Inside and Outside Blog

Unknown said...

thanks for your lovely comment!! of course i follow you!!!
a_c'est moi

sismade said...

great posts sweetheart!so inspiring!!kisses and love from

Unknown said...

Very interesting. I would love to try this out. I have long eyelashes that are really dark but they are thin, I would love to have super thick lashes!!!

The Urban Umbrella

Sunray Gardens said...

Thanks for stopping by and I am following also.

Mrs. G said...

Following back. Love your blog.


Unknown said...

hello. I am a new follower from the blog hop.
Can you please follow me back?

Déborah Neves Galvão said...

lindo seu blog!
adorei, lindo.

Elaine Bandeira said...

Olá! essa máscara parece ser tudo de bom...

seguindo seu blog!

Love Joice said...

Hi there! you have a great blog! please check out my blog and if you like, please follow me on GoogleFriend Connect and Bloglovin, I promise to do the same for you! xx

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

This product has some great features. I'll have to see if it's available in the states.

Aurelia said...

lovly post, interesting writing,I am your new follower, pls follow back.

Tori said...

Great review!

Alexandra said...

I was just thinking to myself that I could really use some lash boosting formula! Thanks for reviewing this!

Alexandra xo

Unknown said...

Hey Rolala!
If you have problem finding this product in your state
Then You Can Buy Online From The Given Link Above In My Post.

little luxury list said...

Thanks for the review! I'm always trying to protect my lashes!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

my thrifty closet said...

yes I have tried similar product of a different brand, I must say it work wonders, I don't even need false lashes. Thanks for sharing this product. It is a great review. Thanks for dropping by my blog too, following you back!


Sidney Salim said...

It sounds like a great product. I've been looking for an eyelash boosting product! I'll definitely try it. Your blog is awesome!

I'm following you, dear. I'd be flattered if you could follow me too :)
Pose Posh Post

Anonymous said...

What a great product! I love these pictures too :) xoxo, Veena
Twitter: @VeenaMcCoole

Beige Renegade said...

I wonder if lash serums really work...I've been using Cprx lash prescription and haven't noticed any noticeable difference xD

Love Joice said...

Following you back, thank you! xx Joice

Unknown said...

lovely!!!i should try it!!!

a kiss from the

sadee said...

woww looks amaizng :)

Maria said...

WOW!! That is so interesting . I should try it.
Thank you for following. I am following you too.

Kate said...

Great post!

Sherlinda said...

Hi! Thanks for your visit. I am a new follower of your blog too. I also "Liked" your page. :)

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

Oooh I always wonder if these things work, you'll have to give us an update when you see results!


Chi said...

I want to try it too :)

two birds said...

what a great review! i always wondered about these products. now i really want to try it!

Unknown said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, I am now following you and thank you for following me. Love this post,

Samreen said...

Thanks for th review...tell me do you feel any difference in ur lashes??:)

Grow Eyelashes said...

It is important to grow eyelashes not just for the sake of looking beautiful but also for protection.

Shaun said...

I like the review!

There are a lot of these eyelash growth products out there. Some of them appear to work great, and others not so great. Of course each manufacturer is going to say that their product is the best, in the interest of making more sales. It's good to have reviews like this one.

There is a blog with some good eyelash growth tips here, for anyone interested: Grow Eyelashes

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