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Catwalk-Glamour Luxury Sable 8 Makeup Brush Set


Catwalk-Glamour Luxury Sable 8 Makeup Brush Set
Catwalk Glamour is a small family run company founded in 2011.  Their MD is JJ (his mother) and the inspiration behind the company, she has previously owned a successful Jewellery business and worked in Sales and Marketing for international luxury hotels, resorts & property companies.
Their mission is simple.
Design and make high quality products that are "Affordable - Luxury"
Find these beautiful products at home
Try to give a first class personal service and shopping experience, even via the internet! (not easy!)

They aim their products towards women, who love to shop for themselves and others or have a beautiful gift bought for them
The Catwalk Glamour Brand products are their own designs and exclusively theirs.
Catwalk-Glamour Luxury Sable 8 Makeup Brush Set
My Review: Hey!
Today I have a post related to Makeup Brushes.I have recieved it from Catwalk Glamour.
And Have a great experience with it.They are total 8.
Catwalk-Glamour Luxury Sable 8 Makeup Brush Set

This set comes in a pretty, black leather bag. The brushes were a combination of natural and synthetic. They apply powders and eyeshadows well and the blender brush works nicely.

Catwalk-Glamour Luxury Sable 8 Makeup Brush Set

Great addition to my brush collection! My face has never looked better after foundation application. The foundation brush is very dense and soft, very well made and is my favorite.
Catwalk-Glamour Luxury Sable 8 Makeup Brush Set

All brushes are super soft! What I love also is how little amount of product I need to apply to have a great coverage. It doesn't absorb any product at all. Fantastic brushes, very happy.
Catwalk-Glamour Luxury Sable 8 Makeup Brush Set

These Brushes are made from 
  • The finest pure sable the softest goat hair, 
  • Hand crafted birch wooden handles.

This luxury make up set includes a reversible lip brush and beautiful presentation case. 

Catwalk-Glamour Luxury Sable 8 Makeup Brush Set
Catwalk-Glamour Luxury Sable 8 Makeup Brush Set review
This is mainly for those of you who work on clients. You can’t use lipstick directly from the tube, so a small lipbrush is ideal for application. This is a very flat brush that makes it easy to dip into a product and apply smoothly and evenly. This is great to have if you are a makeup artist.
Catwalk-Glamour Luxury Sable 8 Makeup Brush Set reivew 
It provides a complete assortment of brushes for makeup applications. And Made from a combination of natural animal hair and synthetic hair, the set includes 8 key brushes that are soft and silky to the touch. Animal hair brushes apply makeup evenly and are easy to clean. For convenient storage and portability, the brushes come with a handy organizer leather pouch.
Catwalk-Glamour Luxury Sable 8 Makeup Brush Set reivew
This brush set features brushes used for applying powder, foundation, blush, and eye shadow. It also includes concealer and lip.Each brush is designed with long, easy-to-grip handle for precision during application.
Catwalk-Glamour Luxury Sable 8 Makeup Brush Set reivew
I would recommend to all of you who wants to experience some other brands.
I must say you would have a great deal with it.
For more information check out their links
Direct Link to the Brush set
Catwalk-Glamour Luxury Sable 8 Makeup Brush Set
Or you can browse their site to see more range of their products.
Catwalk-Glamour Proffesional Quality
Waiting to hear from you which always encourage.
Thanks for reading out.
Till then bbye
Stay Blessed
Kisses for you all.



Unknown said...

Love the brushes! Planning to get myself a set too. :)

By the way, have an ongoing INTERENATIONAL GIVEAWAY up on my blog. :)

Hope you could join!:)

Sana said...

This indeed as great set :) I've got it and Im loving it... Face brushes and eye brushes both works so well ... Completely travel friendly kit <3

Chris Ed said...

Wow this set is so pretty! Have a nice day dear:) kisses chris

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment and for stopping by my blog :)

xoxo Nancy S.

Unknown said...

hey!!!! it is really a necessary set... pretty

Federica Delprino said...

Great set of brushes and photos ^^

Join my "Dress me!" contest :D

Anna and Klaudia said...

great collection :)

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Julie (Little Pink Rain Boots) said...

Looks like a great set. Thanks for sharing your review.

Queen Treasure said...

They are so amazing

join my giveaway?

Unknown said...

Wow, they look great... I have to see their web side. Have a great day. Xoxo V.V.

Elisa Zanetti said...

it seems a great set!

Maria Flicka said...

Hi dear Huda! Woww....they seem to be awesome, I have to get a set of these brushes! Thank you so much for stopping by, sorry my delay, but I've been too busy taking a course :P
Hope you have a nice day, and a fabulous week ahead<3


"Saúde & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

Anonymous said...

brushes look awesome :)

cwg said...

Hi, these are currently on sale for £25 and we ship world

maha said...

Fabulous Brushes!

afaf said...

Looks like you've got a wonderful set
best of luck

Anonymous said...

would love to buy

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